Saturday, June 04, 2005

Well, we went to our 18 week sonogram on Thursday. The baby looks healthy at this point. The sonogram tech was measuring all of the different parts and said that everything was measuring at 18 weeks as it should. Well, everything except the legs which she said were 19 week length. I'm not sure if that means a tall kid or not.

We did find out that it's going to be a little boy. Everybody keeps asking whether I have a preference of the sex, but I don't think it will matter to me. Our official due date is now October 31, which is one day before our wedding anniversary.

It is very interesting what you can see with the sonogram. I was standing there watching the screen as the tech was taking all of these pictures trying to figure out how she could tell what she was looking at. I could make out the major pieces like the legs, arms, spine, etc. But when she started pointing out the kidneys, I couldn't really see them.

Melanie is doing fine. She finally seems to past the nausea. I'll try to keep everyone updated as we move along here.

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