Monday, August 01, 2005

A new month and new updates.

We have returned from our yearly vacation to the Outer Banks, NC. We have been going down there for the past 4 years. This year we stayed in Hatteras again. Everyone seems to like it there. There are just enough things to do if you don't want to just sit on the beach or float in the pool and yet it's not really overcrowded.

Every year that we go down, Melanie's cousins and I go fishing. We get tickets for one of the head boats and go out for a half day. Usually the boat stays in the sound where the water is fairly calm. This year we got tickets for the one that goes out to the ocean. Nobody was catching anything in the sound, so the Captain headed out. As soon as we exited the sound, you could tell the difference. The water was really choppy as we were going out. The boat was really rocking back and forth when we anchored and was making it difficult to fish out there. I think everyone in our group (except me) got a little seasick. Only Kip brought anything home. He caught a pretty good sized triggerfish.

Melanie's cousin Matt, his fiance and I decided to go parasailing this year. Seeing the island from that high up was awesome. They take six people out on a boat at a time. From there you stand on a platform on the back of the boat as the parachute is billowing behind you. The tow rope then starts letting you out and you just float up about 400 feet. It was only 12 minutes, but it was an incredible ride. Hopefully we'll get the chance to do it again next year and Melanie can go. I'll post a picture from this year once I clean it up a little and make it more web page friendly.

If anyone has suggestions for a baby name, feel free to leave a comment. The name is still up in the air at this point. We still have 3 months left though.

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