Friday, July 08, 2005

Well, another month has passed and I haven't posted much.

My dad had family in from California these past couple of weeks. It was good to actually put faces to the names. (:

Melanie is doing well. Not much to report on the baby front. We've talked briefly about names, but haven't decided on anything.

On a completely different front, people should take a look at what Google is doing. First they came out with Google Maps. There you can get directions and various different maps. The difference is that you can pick either map view or satellite view. Now they have come out with Google Earth, which is an application that will give you satellite views of the whole earth. You just download the free version and plug in an address in the search bar. It starts with a view from space and slowly zooms into the point that you are searching for. Very cool.

I've been working on the genealogy of our family off and on for a while now. Over the past couple of months more and more records are being put online making it easier to search. I just ran across a copy of the 1930 census that has a large part of my dad's family, which means more leads and more work. (:

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